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Please consider supporting the Promethean movement in one of the following ways:


A. Communicate with other people about the Promethean movement. This is of critical importance, and it's very easy to do:

1. A major function of this web site is to provide an informative resource to introduce people to the Promethean movement and Prometheanism. You can refer others to the address even if you don't have time to go further.

2. Email other people you know and tell them about the Promethean movement and Prometheanism, or post on message boards, etc. Please remember to be courteous and respectful, avoid dogmatism, and avoid introducing other people using any method that would cast disparagement on Promethean efforts such as spamming, etc.

3. Best of all, talk to other people in person about the movement and Prometheanism. For many people, only having someone they know personally introduce them to new things will encourage them to evaluate those new things receptively.

B. Choose projects to aid with your efforts or contributions.

C. Visit the support page at and see how you can help there. Multiple options are available, including referral commission and direct donation for financial help, and linking to Promethea and Argus to help publicize them.


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