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A letter concerning the Promethean movement

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A letter concerning the Promethean movement

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A letter concerning the Promethean movement
« on: February 15, 2009, 10:49:24 PM »

For the time being, the Promethean movement is constrained from becoming what was intended by lack of exposure, geographically-scattered membership and insufficient participation. The movement was meant to serve as a focused community in which individuals could act with cohesion, coordinating projects, sharing information and supporting each others' efforts to further Prometheanism in ways they could not alone. Unfortunately this ambition has not yet been made into a reality, despite some meaningful individual efforts. We are thus obliged to remain in a holding pattern, awaiting further opportunities and commitment which will most likely need to be reinforced by meeting locally and in person. I believe that when we achieve the momentum of being able to hold face-to-face, local meetings for members within a larger online network, the Promethean movement will truly become viable. Until then, we must keep it as best we can.

The importance and necessity of this unique movement has not changed. I would encourage your efforts to relieve this impasse, which I will continue as well.

This forum will remain until it is needed, as an archive if nothing else. Operations will continue at also. I will continue to learn and develop cutting-edge philosophy, to talk to people, to publish writing, to work on the projects which I think have the best chance to spread Promethean ideas and make a difference to the reality of Promethean goals in the future.

One day there will be more places to plant the seeds we collect today. In the meantime we must take good care of them and make sure they are the very finest and fittest we can produce. I urge you, as I urge myself, not to become distracted or discouraged by the minutiae of present-day sociopolitics or the specific flaws of people around you at this moment in time, or the occasional notion that you yourself are bound to be unhappy or insufficient. Remember that the experience of life can be gratifying and profound. Life on Earth is not rotten, but it has incorporated and constructed obstacles to its own fulfillment. Human nature is fundamentally sound; going against it is not. Our suffering is born from a conflicted legacy, but life is on our side and we must be faithful to it. Our desire must be that life, having developed into human form, should encounter itself without inhibitions; that is the destiny we represent through our own lives of unflinching knowledge and resolute expression. If we continue our search, we only become lost to ourselves and one another temporarily.


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