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Thoughts for voting day

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Thoughts for voting day
« on: November 05, 2008, 01:44:22 AM »

No one is qualified to rule over any other person, or deserves to exert their will over them. Who then could be qualified or deserve to rule over many millions around the world?

Once a child is grown, not even the most loving, attached and thoughtful parent who once knew their child well can make life decisions for their child any longer. Almost any adult knows what is best for himself or herself better than his or her parents. And even if he or she does not, and adult must learn to make better choices by making mistakes, and build independence and responsibility. So, why believe in a stranger, not to mention one made powerful by wealthy and powerful strangers, making life decisions for adults?

Political power by popularity contest is madness twice over.

If you genuinely believe in the rightness of voting regardless of the outcome, or are firmly convinced by ideals represented by a candidate and party, you must feel called upon to vote; few do, and yet many vote. Why? To give up better principles and wishes when one is not yet forced to yield them, out of conformism, is forbidden by conscience and common sense. It is a given that at present they will run the country with or without me, or you, whatever we do; the difference is I will not oblige them with my compliance or compromise. I will not show up for my duty as one number among millions.

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