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Promethea’s Five Year Anniversary

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Promethea’s Five Year Anniversary
« on: May 20, 2005, 03:02:49 PM »

Posted today on

May 20th, 2005

An Open Letter re: Promethea's Five Year Anniversary

Five years ago today premiered. Six years ago today it first went online in a rough, preliminary beta version. And seven years ago at this time of year, I was excitedly working out how to express the fundamental ideals of something I called "Prometheanism" in the first drafts of what I called "The Promethean Manifesto," which would found the Promethean movement.

So, today marks an anniversary of Promethea, but also of the deliberate pursuit of a philosophy of life, and for life. It has been a difficult cause, and a great cause. I couldn't be prouder to have initiated a philosophy about really living in the name of life, or more awestruck by the power, immensity, subtlety, variety and complexity of that subject, and how much every one of us still-human individuals have yet to learn, and do.

Over the past five years since premiered, my associates and I have developed a wealth of Promethean thought. We invented, discovered, compiled, and introduced both novel theories, and enduring insights. We advanced unusual analysis, argued for some fresh and challenging viewpoints, and experimented with new forms of creative philosophical and motivational content. On our websites and even more "behind the scenes", we showed a remarkable amount of energy and innovation for a small group, and I think accomplished a respectable amount of published (and not-yet published) output. Here's a list of what we've published online:

That said, since the beginning but during the past year particularly, we've had few resources to work with. What we have accomplished has always been done at personal cost and commitment, through sheer will and willingness to sacrifice. I cannot help but think how much more could be done, with even a little more to work with. In the past year, that little has been even less. I personally haven't had much time to devote or any money to contribute, much to my frustration. And, therefore, the projects I have been able to complete have been few, and updates to Promethea have been few and far between. Thankfully my fellow Promethean Darios took on the expense and responsibility of publishing our two web sites once I could no longer do so, so we could keep it going.

And we have so many fertile ideas just waiting, so many unfulfilled plans. There are so many great and important projects, and continuations of existing projects just waiting for sufficient time and attention, money and other resources.

Here is a list of just some of the subjects awaiting future exploration:

And here is a list of some ongoing and future Promethean projects, in general:

And so, I would like to close this little retrospective with an observation and a request. This past year has made it even clearer to me than ever before just how very much it is true that change in the world shared by our lives, and even positive change in a single life depends on more than those who stand up to try to help catalyze it. Change also depends very greatly on you, most of all in your own life, but also in the whole world in which you belong, and which you can change.

For our part, we would like to produce more cutting-edge philosophical, educational and teaching materials online and off, and achieve more in every other approach we take, and we would like to reach more people, who may in turn be inspired to do the same. But we can only do whatever we can do with what we have. You're the one who extends our capabilities by adding your own. You're the one who makes the difference. I won't preach, I won't cajole, I will only suggest to you once more the singular importance and uniqueness of this enterprise, and of your contribution to it. If you can help, I strongly urge you to do it and not hesitate to take the credit you deserve for the results you'll make possible:

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading, and here's to another five years of Promethea!

Warmest greetings and regards to those who follow our work and help to make it possible,
and to all who visit Promethea with an open mind and think,


Phoenix @
aka Wisdom Dancer
Promethean, Promethean movement
author, Rising in Words:
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