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This evolving section of is devoted to cataloguing both long-term goals and short-term or supplementary projects being conducted by Prometheans or other members, including some projects which serve as suggested involvement, contribution, and activism opportunities, and finally proposed initiatives not yet underway. Upcoming feature additions to this section may include a requests for assistance bulletin board, and database organization of project info.


Long-term Goals and Continuous Activities


Advancing life - the cardinal Promethean goal and process

Building a better world

Five Steps to a Better World

Developing the philosophy of Prometheanism through creative expression

Foundation goals:

Objective to found the first Promethean society

Eventual transformation of the world into the Promethean society of all humanity

Raising awareness and publicity


Short-Term and Supplementary Ongoing Projects

(These activities contribute to accomplishing our long-term goals.)


Activism Opportunities:

Activism page of this site

Communication Initiatives: Forum

PrometheanMovement list

Creative and Artistic Expressions:

The Promethean Trilogy and other ongoing projects at Promethea

Promote Promethean themes in your own artwork, music, and other media

Graphic designers: make banners to offer for promotional use for this site or others (see Linking to Promethea page at Promethea)

Create and submit multimedia or text material for consideration to be published on the Notes and Essays page at Promethea

Educational Initiatives:

Information section of this site


Financial and Resource Commitment:

Support section of this site

Support page at Promethea


Self-Development (under construction):

Body practices - for improved body-minds

Cultivating civilization - in considerate behavior and refined sensibilities

Liberation tools and techniques - help to free yourself from oppression

Pursuing your self-interest - and conscious, self-directed behavior

Pursuing integrated strength - through self-expression


Understanding yourself through honest self-examination

Web Publishing Initiatives:

Notes and Essays page at Promethea

Articles page of this site


Proposed Future Initiatives


Develop as an intellectual/academic portal or publication project

Form local college and university cohesions (chapters)

Start Promethean schools

Teach Promethean classes at colleges and universities and give lectures at schools


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