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Under Construction (upcoming resources include: Memebase, Activism Tools)


Many people inquire about ways they can help the movement. Here is a list of some simple and some more involved activism opportunities:


Talk (politely) to people you know about what you think about the Promethean movement. If you perceive they would like to know about it, recommend they look into it further online.

Post to message boards and forums (politely) and circulate "visit" or other meme.

Make T-shirts or other printed clothing, or coffee mugs, stickers, posters or other paraphernalia displaying "visit" or other meme, and then sell them or give them to other people, or use them yourself for others to see.

Affix "visit" or other meme to anything else you do: email signatures, messages, media, etc.

Avoid paying taxes with technical loopholes and untaxed purchases to send the message that taxes or their uses are unacceptable (and to save the fruits of your labor).

Use linking tools available at Promethea to publicize Promethea and Argus on your own site.

Contribute to this list. Post ideas for additions to the forum or email them to Even better, start them yourself or assist in organizing them.


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