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Network > Promethean Web Sites - (This website.) The main website and portal for the Promethean movement. This site hosts a Network section to connect you with the movement online, an Information section to explain and answer questions, and other sections featuring services for members and other visitors to the site.


visit the Promethean movement forum for discussion of events and ideas Forum - The forum attached to this website, for both general and focused discussion.


advancing life - Promethea

Promethea - The original website that started it all. Promethea officially premiered on May 20th, 2000, having founded the movement earlier with the preliminary publication of The Promethean Manifesto, the first part of what is now called The Promethean Trilogy. The Trilogy is a creation of written and visual media which defines the philosophy of Prometheanism and is especially designed to help Prometheans-at-heart discover themselves, and invite them into the movement. Promethea is no longer "the website of the Promethean movement" (that role has now been adopted by this portal, but it remains a center for Promethean intellectual and creative publication, and is still edited by Phoenix, the creator of The Promethean Trilogy.


Argus - use our eyes

Argus - A project hosted by dedicated to "watching the world" for oppression with reviewed links to a select group of 100 relevant web sites.


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