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Join the Promethean movement using the form below, or send e-mail to and include the information from the form below. Note that by filling out this form, your name and general location (not address or email, unless you wish) may become publically accessible on this web site, and your complete contact information may become available to other members. If you do not wish to become a formal member, it is not necessary to use this form to contact us. For more information on membership and required participation see related Frequently Asked Questions. If you have further questions, you can contact community coordinator Evi Numen (, who will reply to joining requests.

Important: members and informal supporters should both subscribe to the PrometheanMovement email list for mutual communication and occasional announcements.

Note: due to unfortunate mail forwarding errors, we may not have recorded your information from August, 2007 – February, 2008. Please resubmit, and accept my sincere apologies for the malfunction. – Phoenix


Name (please use First, Middle, Last or First, Last form of your name)

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