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Sobek has been very deeply interested in radical Individualism, creative expression and the possibilities of future culture from a very young age. These interests fueled a rather Bohemian and turbulent...but uniquely educational...youth and young adulthood. For the most part, he has explored and experimented in private, though he was invited to Florida State University in 1995 e.v. to lecture on "Chaos, Reality and Self" to philosophy students.

In 2002 e.v., Sobek was a Libertarian Party candidate for the Florida State House of Representatives. This experience provided him with direct experience of many things that he already suspected about the political process. While he still generally supports the work of the LP as a partial and introductory tactic, he has devoted himself personally to more general and yet more radical cultural activity. This shift led to his affiliation with the Promethean Movement.

As a Promethean, Sobek hopes firstly to LIVE as a Promethean and to communicate that experience as best as he can. Secondly, his work in the Promethean Movement will focus on researching the actualization of Individual potential and on the creation of environments for the shared expression of Promethean power and creativity.


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