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"What's your REAL name?"

article by Sobek published December 17, 2003


Once upon a time, and only partly in jest, I commented to my fellow Prometheans that we ought to position ourselves as the "rock stars" of Philosophy. Certainly, we want to project some kind of larger-than-("ordinary")life glamour. I mean, if you are going to walk around calling yourself "Promethean", then that sort of thing is expected, right?

But in all seriousness, if we are to BE PROMETHEAN NOW, then such a "glamour" will merely be the obvious and radiant evidence of the very real SUBSTANCE beneath.

In working out what it means to LIVE as a Promethean, the relationship between Freedom and the Individual is something that we think about a lot. As a self-interested observer of political events, I was always filled with a feeling of despair that opinion polls would so frequently indicate that "The People" are often against their own rights and freedoms. Freedom of speech and expression, right to self-defense, economic freedom...whatever. Governments get their authority and power of control handed over to them willingly more often than they wrestle it away with brute force. A possible explanation was once suggested to me that perhaps the only people that truly care about Freedom are those Individuals that have a USE for it. Alright, sounds reasonable, and it gives us another side from which to look at the situation and apply our efforts.

The prime concept of Prometheanism is the advancement of Life and the essence of a life has been described as Self-expression. The following line from the Promethean Manifesto puts it wonderfully:

"The advancement of life is a name for whatever improves life, remaking it stronger, discovering and distilling its vital essence and opening wide the body-and-mind to pour that essence forth."

This is what we require freedom for: this Self-expression, this pouring forth of our vital essence.

This reminds me of a golden moment in the recent X-Men film "X2: X-Men United". One of the gifted youngsters from Xavier's school strikes up a conversation with Magneto while several of the characters are travelling aboard the X-Men's jet plane. Magneto asks the boy's name and the boy replies "John". Magneto looks at him with some gravity and asks:

"What's your REAL name?"

The answer is "Pyro". This is the boy's "mutant name" based on his mutant superpower, the ability to manipulate fire.

As Prometheans, can we help but smile in understanding and agreement? We ARE mutants, ourselves. Perhaps not genetically, but psychologically and culturally. And this will only become more evident as we further extend the Promethean philosophy, flesh out the Promethean Movement and come to BE Promethean. We even already have our own flashy "superhero" names.

Comparing and contrasting ourselves to these fictional mutants is an entertaining exercise in exploring various thoughts, issues and questions about who we are, what we are doing, what the dynamics of our relationship to our "host culture" are and so on. Many questions, many things to consider, but let us try to penetrate to the heart of the matter.

Look deep into the seething heart of your being and find YOUR mutant superpowers. Open wide your body-and-mind to pour that vital essence forth. Express those powers fully and exuberantly.

Who are you? What do you want freedom for? What can you do to reclaim your freedom? What would you do with your freedom?


What is YOUR real name?


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