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Photo by Jane Kim in 2000

Promethean Name:


Given Name:

Colin Patrick Barth

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developing and refining Prometheanism, long-term strategic planning and orchestration, writing, website design and maintenance, computer-based arts, research, monitoring worldwide socio-political-military situation, movement promotion.

History with the movement:

After well over a year of planning, and years spent building the philosophy of Prometheanism, Phoenix founded the movement in May 1999 with a preliminary version of The Promethean Manifesto on, followed in one year by the more official premiere of that site, after the second part of the Promethean Trilogy had been completed. Phoenix has continued to compose material for Promethea as well as design and edit that site. He also developed this site. In 2008, he published Rising in Words, a print anthology of selected Promethean writings from 2000–2007.




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