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The Promethean movement is an unofficial organization of people who want to make a crucial difference in the lives of themselves and other people. It was formed in order to facilitate support and cooperation between those furthering the causes articulated in Prometheanism, the philosophy behind the movement.

Other members of the movement follow the leadership of our core members, Prometheans, as they wish. We all cooperate to accomplish things, following the advice of each other. Prometheans follow each other, too, under the same structure of organic, voluntary, and individualistic organization. Prometheans sort things out by discussing them.

Prometheans speak for themselves, express themselves creatively, and lead by personal example, and in these ways help to develop Prometheanism and define the directions the movement should go.

The first great cooperative objective for the Promethean movement in the future is the foundation of a Promethean society.

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