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The Promethean Trilogy hosted at presents a fusion of written and visual media depicting ideas with liberating, individualistic and post-orthodox intention, an outline for life-advancing (Promethean) philosophy, in three works composed in the context of modern times but with an eye to the future. Other Promethean works flesh out this outline with further development and detail. The Trilogy founded the philosophy of Prometheanism (with the publication of Part I: The Promethean Manifesto) and is especially designed to help Prometheans-at-heart discover themselves, and invite them and others into the movement.

The Trilogy gets updated periodically for improvements, contextual updates, and to address the most important philosophical needs of one time and avoid ideological stasis in the long run. The latest editions of the first and second parts of the Trilogy were published in 2003.

Unlike Parts I and II which employ a form of personal nonfiction in style, Part III is an ongoing project in even more experimental Promethean literature, currently in-progress, with some serialized advance releases visible online.

The Promethean Trilogy (menu page with all versions listed)

Part I: The Promethean Manifesto

Part II: Anticonstitution for a Promethean Society

Part III: The Way of Prometheus


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